Suidoya is the only Japan funded water company in Hong Kong


How to order & Methods of payment

How to order

  • Answer your call
  • Confirm your: name, telephone number, problem, and your location,
  • Arrange our staff to inspect the site.
  • After arrival, check problem and quote a price for the repairs.※Work in the quote that did not occur is free of charge.mantainance
  • Maintenance complete
  • Distribute magnetic stickers
  • Payment
  • Finish!

Methods of payment

Payment in 「cash」, 「Bank Transfer」「cheque」、PayPal/various credit card is available.
Bank account no.255-804908-883
Account nameSUIDOYA LTD
Bank nameHang Seng Bank Limited
Payment by cheque
Please make it payable to "SUIDOYA LTD"
In addition, if you pay by cash, please be sure to get the receipt of Suidoya from the maintenance staff or from the company. Thank you for your cooperation!
PayPal*Online Payment

Clogged toilet water leakage.

If your toilet is water leakage or clogged. Don’t try to flush it or it may overflow. Please be free to contact us,We surely help you .

Water tank leakage or no water etc.

Water tank Leakage or no water,Probably because the tank parts are bad,need to replace it.

Clogged Drain
& Sewer

Hair,oil,dirt caused clogged pipe problem.


Remove old toilet
replace a new one.

Clogged kitchen and water leakage 

Clogged bathtub and water leakage

Clogged Washroom and water leakage

Chemical cleaning of different type of air conditioner.

Please be assured!

  • 24hours on call.
  • Free of charge on visits-quotes and check problems.
  • Maintenance procedure will be started after receiving client’s quotation confirmation and agreement.

About us

Suidoya is the only japan funded water company in Hong Kong.
We have extensive experienced plumber/ electrician to take care every our maintenance case.

We believe our expertise and our spirit of excellence surely can help you handle all indoor or outdoor, home water and electricity maintenance problems.

Our service including :

  • Drainage service: High pressure drains cleaning, manhole, septic, grease trap cleaning / maintenance etc.
  • Water supply service: water leakage, replace new faucets, showerhead etc.
  • Sanitary wares replacement Service:
    Replace new toilet, washbasins, bathtubs etc.
  • Our service object:
    Detached House, restaurants, store, clubhouse,
    social welfare organization etc.

What's New

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