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We believe our expertise and our spirit of excellence surely can help you handle all indoor or outdoor, home water and electricity maintenance problems.

Reference service charge fee details

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Maintenance items Web service charge Normal service charge
Clogged toilet HK$500~ HK$600~
Toilet leakage HK$500~ HK$600~
Toilet tank leakage HK$400~ HK$500~
Clogged drain & sewer HK$700~ HK$800~
Replace new toilet HK$1300~ HK$1400~
Washroom, bathtub, kitchen water leakage HK$500~ HK$600~
Washlet installation HK$4800~ HK$5000~
Electronic washlet installation HK$500~ HK$600~
Water leakage problem research HK$400~ HK$500~
Stench problem research HK$400~ HK$500~
Water circulated place reforming Negotiable Negotiable

All the maintenance procedure will be started after receiving client’s quotation confirmation.
If client cancel service by personal reason after our plumber arrived, we will charge the basic service fee. (Included travel fee)

Service charge fee shown above is only for reference.
The total service charge will be provided by our plumber after confirming site circumstances and maintenance details.
Maintenance procedure will be started after receiving client’s quotation confirmation and agreement.


  • We have our service car travel different site helping you to solve different problems.
  • We will start maintenance procedure after receiving client's confirmation and agreement.
  • We also provide guarantee service
    If there is any problem after maintenance, we will help you to fix it asap. (*Free of charge)

The toilet is clogged

  1. the toilet is generally slightly blocked: sanitary napkins, toilet paper or cloth towel by the toilet is plugged up the direct use of pipeline dredging machine or simple dredging tools can dredge.
  2. toilet hard material blockage: when using accidentally fell into the plastic brush, bottle cap, soap, comb and other hard objects. This kind of blockage can be directly used to clear the pipe dredge machine or simple dredging device directly, serious when the toilet must be open to clear, this situation can only get out of things to solve completely.
  3. the old toilet clogging: toilet use for a long time, it is inevitable in the inner wall scaling, serious when the toilet will be blocked out of the toilet and slow down the toilet The solution is: to find a vent hole scraping dirt can let the toilet water.
  4. toilet installation mistakes: generally divided into: the bottom outlet with nozzle without screw hole alignment position, the bottom of the toilet completely sealed will cause the toilet water is not smooth, the water level is not high enough to affect the effect of flushing toilet water tank.
  5. change the pit toilet: install some old house building is the pit, U waterproof elbow sewer pipe used for the bottom, when to cause the toilet, the best bottom elbow into direct bending, if not, the installation of the toilet before must do bottom trap cleanup work, installation is not let cement or tiles fall into pieces.
  6. the hair caused by sewer blockage: sewer after a period of time, usually the hair will be bathed in the wall of the pipe will cause more accumulation of congestion.

Our professional master is able to deal with all of the above problems, and can solve the problem.
Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

The flush button bad, water tank Water Leakage

Toilet cistern leakage, without water, water leakage is what reason?
  1. material quality: manufacturers reduce costs, the use of inferior materials.
  2. excessive pursuit of small parts of the water tank, the buoyancy of the floating ball is not enough. Especially when the water pressure is high, this phenomenon is particularly evident.
  3. improper design: floating club is too long, too large, resulting in friction with the wall of the tank, the impact of floating ball free movement, leading to leakage.
  4. no filter, impurities easily plug seal hole, the water inlet valve can not be closed, seal failure.
  5. with tight, resulting in leakage. Valve sealing surface defects are the main reasons for the leakage of the valve itself.

The above problems, our professional master in the maintenance, not sloppy, not to solve the problem, no problem, if there is a problem after the free follow-up.
Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

A village house or an underground drain

When building tenants use Restroom, whether it is bathing, brushing, toilet and other wastes with sewage flows into the drainage pipe, which has such as sanitary towel, towel cloth, hair can not dissolve substances into the drainage pipe blockage caused by chance.Our professionals to the scene will gradually investigate the blockage location, and the use of advanced Japanese high pressure cleaning machine for dredging.

Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

Also want to remind everyone
In addition to blocking the problem, if you do not install any gas products unit needs to pay attention to the next oh:
When all the wastes with sewage flows into the drainage pipe, drainage pipe, often smelly cockroaches into the house through the drainage pipe (the most common platform to go to the location of water),

And bacteria, viruses and sewage can be more accessible through the drainage pipe into the room. The unit has been installed in general air separation products, the water inside the water will be due to evaporation or drainage pipe in the positive and negative pressure loss, resulting in the loss of the original efficacy. At the same time, because of the pressure in the drainage pipe, will allow bacteria, viruses, odor and sewage along with the water stored in the water back to the room. [] an already installed across the gas separation unit, factors can ignore the evaporation of water or gas pressure, can effectively block the 99.9% viruses, odor and sewage back to the house, to prevent the virus from the house, create an ideal Home Furnishing for safety and hygiene.

Move the new house, bathroom renovation is too old

Move to a new house, bathroom decoration has become the highlight of sanitary ware often determines the bathroom decoration, the toilet is undoubtedly one of the main characters.
Everyone will use the toilet seat, a comfortable appearance and high quality of the water closet can not only beautify the bathroom, but also a lot of unnecessary troubles save people, so the toilet replacement is essential, we provide updated toilet service, for the majority of the owners worry and price concessions!

The kitchen is blocked and the water is not good

The kitchen is often used in our life, I believe many of my friends have encountered the sewer blocked, brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives, we need to look at the best, sewer blockages are divided into two types, one is due to the new installation accidentally fell into the foreign body or plug installation error, on the other one is some pipeline after a period of time after use of animal fats caused by fouling, the pipe diameter thinning affect the normal water discharge. In our experience of maintenance in cumulative reason most kitchen plug is no residual food or other debris with isolation cleared away, and leave the food or other debris into the sewer blocking caused.Our teacher often use the extremely long tool extends into the pipe to remove oil and food residue, until drainage smoothly.

Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

The bathtub is clogged

The bathtub plug, Water Leakage cause is usually caused by hair, sand and other debris, we need to place a net barrier for all hair and sundries and regular cleaning, such as congestion, he can't handle it, call the professionals to solve problems timely advice.
The construction of the way we will in general not damage the sewer pipe (PVC pipe) under the premise of using Japanese tool extends into the pipe blockage removed debris until drainage smoothly.

Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

Wash basin blocked, bad drainage, water leakage

The problem of wash basin blocked and water leakage is usually caused by the hair, soap and other junks. People should avoid the soap, toothpicks or other junks washing into the pipe. If you meet the blockage problem,

Construction time: 30 - about 120 minutes

Chemical cleaning of different type of air conditioner.

Chemical cleaning of different type of air conditioner:
Professional chefs and professional cleaning tools are available, to help you create a clean environment.
Reference price:400HKD~

Electricity Repair Service:
Our business covers fuses, switches, cables, sockets and fuse boxes maintenance & replacement.
Reference price:500HKD~

To ensure that a professional service is being provided, our staff do have the following certificates of registration:
◆Certificates of Registration Electrical Worker from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
◆Registered Electrical Contractors from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
◆Electrical Fitter
◆Refri./Air-con./Venti. Mech. (Electrical Control)